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Multicolour / Luminous Gel Balls 7-8mm 50,000 PCS

Multicolour / Luminous Gel Balls 7-8mm 50,000 PCS

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Soaking Instructions
1. Soak in pure water
2. It must be used in a large container, and the amount of water must be sufficient
Soaking time and size
1. Soak [1.5 hours] bomb size 6.8-7.0mm
2. Soak [2 hours] bomb size 7.1-7.2mm
3. Soak [4 hours-5hours] bomb size 7.3-7.4mm
Soak to suitable size and store in a sealed container
Available for 3 months
Note: soaking for 30 hours will cause the shrinkage to become smaller


[Extra hard Gell Balls]

Harder, less brittle, and improved shooting stability.

[Luminous Gel Balls]

It is white before soaking. After soaking, it will glow at night after being exposed to sunlight for a period of time.

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