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Lee Enfield Shell Ejecting Blaster Gun

Lee Enfield Shell Ejecting Blaster Gun

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Products include - Lee Enfield Toy Rifle, Darts, Gel Balls, plastic shells, metal shells.


1.The weight of the whole gun is about 2.2KG, the length is 112cm, the firing device and internal structure are made of alloy.
2.Because of its stable and reliable performance and affordable price, this gun is very popular whether it is in the real world or in games.
3.Range 35-50 feet, bolt-acting structure, shell ejection by pulling bolt.
4.Built according to the real gun 1:1, the appearance and internal structure are perfectly restored.
5.This gun supports the use of two completely different bullets for shooting, either Darts or Gel Ball.

Material: Metal + nylon material
Age Range: 15 y+


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