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Heckler & Koch HK416D Automatic Gel Blaster

Heckler & Koch HK416D Automatic Gel Blaster

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Friendly Tips: Since the weight of [HK416D Gel Blaster] exceeds the air transportation requirement, it can only be shipped by sea, and the transportation time will take more than 30 days.

[HK416] - Prototype of M416

Firing Range: 30 - 45 Meters

FPS: 240-260

Ammo Size: 7 - 8 mm


1 x HK416D Gel Ball Blaster.
1 x Packet of Extra Gel Balls.
1 x Gel Ball Combat Goggles.
1 x Rechargeable Battery.
1 x USB Charging Cable.
1 x Holographic sight.
1 x Tactical handbag.

Competitive Gel Blaster, you can play war game after boosting the voltage.

All metal gearbox, which means you can freely DIY the battery to increase the rate of fire and FPS.

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